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What is the Supply Chain?

“An Easy to Understand Book on Supply Chain Management and the Role it Plays in Business”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were discussing a certain topic with a colleague and realised that,

  • You knew little about the topic
  • You didn’t understand some of the terminology being used
  • You felt uncomfortable & out of your depth
  • Your future depended on you gaining more knowledge of this topic

When it comes to the topic of Supply Chains, this is how many people feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a University Student, CEO or Warehouse Manager. Most people in business want to gain a better understanding of Supply Chain Management and the role it plays in business success today.

But Getting the Right Information Isn’t That Easy…

The field of Supply Chain & Logistics is known to be very complex and hard to understand. You can,

  • Study Supply Chain at University,
  • Read countless text books on the subject,
  • If you’re lucky enough, have a discussion with someone who has years of knowledge & experience in Supply Chain and hope they are able to explain it in an easy way for you to understand

What is Supply Chain? What is Logistics? What’s the difference?

Supply Chain is a very critical component of businesses today. The structure of a Supply Chain and how it’s managed has a great impact on profits, customer service and cost reduction.

Most people in a company are involved in some part of the Supply Chain process (although they wouldn’t realise it). You could be invoicing the consumer, building the product or transporting between locations. Whatever position you hold in the company, there is a good chance your performance will have an impact on the Supply Chain.

What is Supply Chain Management?

‘One of the most difficult parts of understanding and managing Supply Chains and Logistics is the technical jargon’.

It’s no wonder many get lost or confused. Start throwing around terms such as,

  • Cost to Serve
  • 3PL
  • Value Chain

And you’ll soon have half the room confused with the Deer in the Headlights look on their face.

If you’re on this page then like most people you’re looking for a way to not only better understand Supply Chains but also how to manage them effectively.

And this is where most people in business encounter difficulties because understanding Supply Chain Management has never been easy…

Until now!

Would you like an ‘Easy to Read’ step by step guide to help you understand Supply Chain Management?

I’m sure like most people in your position this is exactly what you want. But before we go any further let me introduce myself…


What is Supply Chain? by Rob O'Byrne

My name is Rob O’Byrne and I’m the Owner and Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau. For over 35 years I’ve specialised in the fields of Supply Chain & Logistics at a Military level as well as Corporate.

In 1997 I established my own company ‘Logistics Bureau’ which has now grown to include ‘Logistics Bureau Asia’ and ‘Benchmarking Success’. In this time I’ve enjoyed overseeing more than 1200 projects across a broad range of industries.

Not only that but I’ve personally led projects that have delivered ‘Multi Million dollar savings’! Not all our clients achieve this level of saving but the good news is the average in bottom line savings delivered to our clients is $1.26M

This is only made possible from having a proper understanding of Supply Chain Management!

And that’s exactly what this book ‘What is Supply Chain Management?’ will do for you?


So Why Did I Write this Book?

After many years in this business I realised that there is a lot of confusion surrounding Supply Chain & Logistics Management. Many people don’t have a great understanding of it and how it affects the operation and profitability of their business.

And I’m not surprised…

With so much information it’s hard to get a full and accurate understanding of Supply Chains and the role they play in business today.

Knowing what to look for, when to look for it and how to rectify the problem is what we here at Logistics Bureau specialise in. Having helped many companies in various industries and countries over the years, this has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience which I’m now sharing with you.


That’s why this book was written…

What is Supply Chain?

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What we have found from running events and consults on a regular basis, is that the best performing companies and employees are those who have a good understanding of Supply Chain Management.

This book ‘What is Supply Chain Management?’ will give you a clear understanding of the principles of Supply Chain Management. This information is critical to your success regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.

It’s comprehensive and covers all areas. And better yet, it’s been written in a way so that is easy to understand and to apply the learning’s from the book. The areas covered are as follows…

  • Supply Chain Management Introduction
  • What is Supply Chain?
  • What is Logistics?
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Performance Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost of Service & How to Reduce it
  • Outsourcing

Who is This Book for??

Anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and gain a better understanding of Supply Chain Management and the role it plays in business… I know that might sound like an obvious statement but consider this for a moment.

If you’re involved at any stage of the process from creation to delivery, then you are part of the Supply Chain. And to ensure a department is effective in its operations so that it delivers an ‘above average’ and profitable service, requires that you have a good understanding of Supply Chain Management.

Understanding Your Supply Chain & How to Effectively Manage it is the key to success in business…


Why Read this Book?

That’s a great question and the answer is quite simple. You would only read this book to get a greater understanding of Supply Chains and how to manage them. So if you’re interested in:

  • Getting a better understanding of the principles of Supply Chain Management.

This will allow you to make decisions based on sound knowledge and proven examples instead of making changes based on opinion. You’ll be able to confidently manage your Supply Chain and ensure it operates at an effective level resulting in improved efficiency and greater profits!

  • Being able to decipher the ‘jargon’ and know what someone’s talking about.

No one likes being the ‘odd one out’. Knowing the definitions of terms and acronyms of Supply Chain and Logistics, you’ll never be left behind in a conversation ever again! You can contribute confidently and show your truth wealth of knowledge and experience in any situation!

  • Discovering the crucial role of a Supply Chain in business.

Having a good understanding of Supply Chain and its crucial role in business will set you apart from others. Not many people fully understand the importance of a Supply Chain and the effect it has on the performance and profitability of a business. If you know what sections of a business are involved in a Supply Chain, you’ll then be able to better manage them!

  • How to establish the right KPI’s.  

How do you know if you’ve established the right KPI’s in your business. You don’t… Unless you’re like me and have been doing this for 30+ years it’s hard to establish the right KPI’s! Establishing the right KPI’s will have a huge impact on your bottom line. Increased profit, improved performance and efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction… That’s what you want!

This book is for you!

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your career or what level your company is performing at, because you’re guaranteed to discover helpful information within this book.

Even if you’re studying Supply Chain & Logistics, this book will assist greatly in giving you a better understanding of what most consider a complex topic. It’s been written in such a way that anyone can read it and derive benefit from the information it contains.

What’s the Investment?

The investment required to obtain your own copy of ‘What is Supply Chain Management’ is $47

What is Supply Chain and Logistics?

Why only $47?

I wanted to make this eBook affordable for everyone. It’s that simple…

People in business today need to know what I know. The information contained in this eBook will greatly benefit anyone who reads it. You’ll be armed with the right knowledge and understanding of Supply Chain Management.

It’s easy to read, comprehensive and simple to understand and apply the knowledge. Now I could list dozens of reasons as to why you should invest in the book and why it’s better than other books available today but quite frankly…

I’m not going to do that… Why?

If you can’t see the value in having such a comprehensive and valuable resource at your disposal,

If you don’t realise that this book could change the way you operate your business resulting in greater profits and higher position in the market place,

If you’re not prepared to invest $47 in a product which will give you a greater understanding of the principles of Supply Chain Management…

Then frankly this book isn’t for you!

Check out what Bob Arnold from chapter 6 of the book has to say on Performance Management!

“An effective key performance indicator might be “adherence to plan”. This is the critical measure of how well the factory did in making the products it was asked to make, on the day it was asked to make them. We might also use a KPI to track adherence to cost standards within manufacturing; for example to see how effective a yield we get from a fixed number of man-hours or a fixed amount of material”

This is just a snippet of useful and effective knowledge that you’re going to find inside this book ‘What is Supply Chain Management’?

Knowledge is paramount! But what’s more important is the way in which you apply that knowledge to your business. And believe me when I say…

Understanding how to effectively manage a Supply Chain will give you the ‘edge’ over your competition.

Food for Thought

The landscape of business is shifting all over the world. Take a look around and you’ll see economies crumbling and businesses closing every week. Losses are being reported instead of profits…

  • How can you survive and ensure you remain effective and provide a professional service?
  • What’s the best way to guarantee your success in the role you play within a company?
  • How can you ensure that you’re not left behind?

Get your own copy of

What is Supply Chain Management?


What is Logistics and Supply Chain?

Order now For Only $47

No doom and gloom here, just reality!

Why not invest $47 in a book that has the answers you’re looking for?

Compiled with the information I’ve gained from 35+ years of ‘On the Ground experience’. It’s no BS, just simple, easy to digest facts that have benefited many companies worldwide.

And Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Better…

I’m going to give you some extras that will further increase your education and understanding of Supply Chain & Logistics. And the best part is… it won’t cost you anything! More about this in a moment…

With these bonuses you’ll definitely

stand out from the crowd!

Supply Chain & Logistics Glossary

Special Bonus # 1

Supply Chain & Logistics Glossary

This guide is the perfect companion to the book. If you’ve ever found yourself lost amongst the jargon of Supply Chain & Logistics, this glossary will save you! Filled with detailed explanations of terms and acronyms used today, you’ll no longer be confused or left behind in a conversation.

Supply Chain Strategy Guide

Special Bonus # 2

Supply Chain Strategy Guide

This step by step guide on how to develop a Supply Chain Strategy is based on my 35+ years of experience working with top 500 businesses around the world. Helping you understand the strategic elements of Supply Chain, you’ll soon look like the ‘Guru’ to your peers. It’s a presentation ‘movie’ with me speaking, that you can play in your PC, as I explain how to develop a winning Supply Chain strategy.

What is Transportation?

Special Bonus # 3

Transport Insights


Discover the insights from transport expert John Cole, who has over 30 years experience consulting in transport. After reading this you’ll understand the dynamics of freight transport, how rate structures actually work and how easy it is to save money on freight costs.

This alone could save you thousands of dollars!


What is Warehousing?

Special Bonus # 4

Slotting & Order Picking Guide

No longer will you be confused by warehousing operations! With this guide you get a ‘sneaky behind the scenes’ look at warehousing operations, what slotting and picking are all about and the huge impact it has on warehousing costs and performance.

Discovering these tips and understanding these concepts will be invaluable in gaining cost and service improvement!

Why am I giving you these extras for FREE?

Why am I sharing my secrets of 305 years of experience?

Why give it away when I could easily sell it for $$$?


I didn’t have this information when I first started out all those years ago. The difference it would have made to my life in being able to perform my job to a higher standard and also ‘fast tracking’ my career would have been invaluable.

I want to give you the opportunity I never had by giving you these extra bonuses for FREE! There is no catch; you simply get these when you invest in my eBook ‘What is Supply Chain Management’.

It’s my way of saying Thank You

These bonuses are the ultimate companion to my book. You’ll be armed with the right knowledge and better yet, you’ll know how to use it!

With these extras… everyone will think you’re en expert!


Is There Any Risk to You?


The easy answer is NO!

So if you want a guide to understanding Supply Chains and the impact it has on business that is…

  • Simple,
  • Easy to read and
  • Comprehensive

Then click the ‘Buy Now’ button to instantly purchase and download your copy of this powerful resource.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it…



Rob O’Byrne – Owner & Group Managing Director

Logistics Bureau, Logistics Bureau Asia, Benchmarking Success

P.S. – It’s not hard to see the value in this book. You’ll obtain a greater understanding of what most consider a complex topic. Yet it’s easy to read and apply the learning’s inside to your own business or boost your knowledge and education. Get your own copy of this book by clicking on the ‘buy now’ ‘button.

What is Supply Chain Management?

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